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Friendly and Reliable Service Is Just a Phone Call Away

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Friendly and Reliable Service Is Just a Phone Call Away

Logo Value Roofing Contractor

Friendly and Reliable Service Is Just a Phone Call Away

Trust Value Roofing to Rescue Your Roof!

We understand that you already have enough with all the damage in your roof. VALUE ROOFING is here to help you in these unfortunate events!

Your safety and peace of mind
are our top priorities

We offer quick and efficient roof repairs to safeguard your home from damage.

Maximize Your Insurance Claim
for Roof Damage

We consider every detail, helping you receive the compensation you deserve.



Storm Damaged Roof!

We are specialists in storm damaged roof insurance claims.

Wind, lightning, and hailstorms are very damaging to roofs. From the unfortunate event of a fallen tree on your roof to extreme weather emergency like tornadoes, Value Roofing can provide priority response by deploying service repair crews to your property quickly.

Your Solution for Storm Damage Claims

Post-Storm Roof Inspection

After a strong storm, inspect your roof with Value Roofing. Invisible damage from hail and wind can lead to future leaks. Prevention is wise!

Severe hail

If your roof has hail damage, we'll assist you with the insurance claim for roof replacement. Trust Value Roofing, it's what we do best.

We are insurance claim specialists

Let one of our highly qualified roofing technicians inspect your home right after a wind or hailstorm.

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Roofs Inspected and Secured!

Swift Emergency Repairs for Lasting Protection!

Expert Roof Inspections

Our trained technicians will inspect the condition of your roof, evaluate the damage, and perform the necessary emergency repairs to prevent water intrusion and additional deterioration of your property.


We will assist you with your insurance claim process.

Secure Your Insurance Claim Approval Today!

Insurance Claim

After visiting your property, our insurance claim specialist can beforehand assess the condition of your roof. When the insurance adjustor visits your home, our insurance claim specialist will be present to point out our findings to improve your chances of the insurance company approving your claim.

Frequently Asked

How Does the Process Work?

If you suspect that your roof has windstorm or hail damage, please give us a call first at (832) 899-0424 in order to schedule an appointment to inspect your roof and assist you with your insurance claim.

Why present the insurance claim with a roofing specialist?

Different Insurance companies have a variety of windstorm or hail damage requirements to approve a claim and it’s important that your roofing company knows them. The insurance companies are represented by their adjusters (inspectors) and you have us. Remember: smart people don’t go to court without an attorney! In the same manner, you shouldn’t file a roofing claim on your own.

At Value Roofing LLC, we have helped hundreds of customers with their claims, and we can certainly assist you, even though we cannot guarantee a claim will be approved since that is at the discretion of the adjuster and your insurance company.

Insurance Claim Steps

We have compiled these steps short, but they include the key steps through years of experience with insurance claims.

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Please complete this form to request a free inspection of your property. We will contact you to schedule an inspection and assess any potential storm damage.

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